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software developers and engineers salary

What are the highest paid developer jobs in the UK?


Developer positions are some of the most sought after in the job market. Modern technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives;...

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does your company offer remote working?

Does your company offer remote working?


The workplace is changing, businesses are swapping out their rigid 9-5 and traditional office environments for remote working. In return saving the business money, improving...

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remote working home based developer jobs

Popular remote working developer jobs


Prior to the Covid-19 scenario companies all over the UK were addressing remote working. Remote working is where employees can complete their tasks away from...

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facebook jobs advice

Job Advertising on Social Media: The Pros and Cons


It is estimated that 4.48 billion people use social media. Over half of the world's population are tapped into the social network. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,...

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5 reasons you should choose flat fee recruitment

5 Reasons to choose flat fee recruitment


As business owners, HR managers and in hours recruiters we all know that time is money. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose flat...

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recruitment candidate directory

Candidate Directory by Serve Talent: Headhunting made easy


As an employer searching for candidates in the staffing industry, you want to know as much as possible about candidates before meeting them. At Serve...

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the benefits of cad

CAD The positives And Negatives.


Software technologies are evolving quickly and are constantly improving, one of these is CAD ( Computer Aided Design). This software is becoming essential in various...

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renewable energy, future jobs

Future-proof jobs: Careers that stand the test of time


Technology advances have completely changed the way we work, study and conduct business. But it’s not all work and no play. Technology has changed the...

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technology in recruitment

The importance of technology within the recruitment sector


Technology and recruitment go hand in hand. The constant developments in technology have had and continue to have, a positive impact in the world of...

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how to become a web developer

How to become a web developer: The first steps


Being a web developer can mean quite a few different things in today’s programming arena. You can focus on a specific subset of skills and...

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cyber security news

Important challenges facing cyber security


Cyber ​​security researchers and business owners are now identifying attacks and threats that could affect the cyber security world in 2019. With only two months...

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serve talent recruitment

Fixed Fee Recruitment vs The Usual Suspects


Here at Serve Talent we harp on about Fixed Fee Recruitment (also known as Flat Fee Recruitment) because it's simply the best. The return on...

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