5 Norfolk Engineering Jobs That Will Make Your Parents Proud

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5 Norfolk Engineering Jobs That Will Make Your Parents Proud

I was originally going to title the article “10 Engineering jobs in Norfolk to die for.” But let’s be straight here, nobody should be dying for anything, not until you have finished reading this anyway! Jokes aside I have worked closely with our engineering and manufacturing specialists to find a handful of Norfolk engineering jobs that you can brag about. No more getting flustered when a date asks what you do. Just stand proud and let them know that you operate awesome machinery or work in a bat cave making awesome tools.

1. Senior Control Systems Engineer

I thought I’d start with something that sounds straight out of Apollo 13 or Armageddon. Unfortunately you’re not helping Tom Hanks land on the moon or Bruce Willis drill an asteroid with this role. However you could be responsible for developing weapons control systems. Pretty cool huh? What you might want to avoid or at least simplify in conversation is the technical side of your work. I’m fairly certain a tinder match will switch off when you ramble on about Simulink, servo drives and MATLAB. Or maybe they would just regret not swiping left? On the flip side, this role pays upwards of £50,000 in Norfolk putting you a cheeky 65% above the region’s average.

2. Technical Author

Technical authors are the unsung heroes behind them bulky instruction manuals we get with a new purchase. They cover a number of industries from automotive to aerospace and without them we’d all be scratching our heads. Attending meetings, collaborating with product designers and piecing together user guides are all part of being a technical author. To help you find a technical author role to brag about we’ve listed some of the cooler industries you can get involved with:

  • Defence
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Government
  • Research and development
  • Science (yeah!)

And some that you might want to keep to yourself

  • Flat pack furniture

3. TIG Welder

Chances are if you’re a Norfolk based TIG Welder you’ll be manufacturing metal staircases, or making parts for the region’s huge engineering sector. Since Mr Stark automated his suit production process there’s no longer a need for TIG Welders at the Avenger’s HQ. However you are more than likely to be working on awesome projects where sparks fly whilst blasting Eric Clapton’s Behind the Mask. Welding is a great entry career into the Norfolk engineering jobs market but for those with the experience you could make a great living.

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4. (Trainee) Quality Inspector

Speaking of entries into the engineering industry, becoming a quality inspector is a great place to start. If you have just left college or looking to get out of the bar that you’d rather be on the other side of, apply to become a quality inspector. All that is required is the ability to learn, attention to detail and an understanding of Microsoft Office. As a quality inspector you’ll be working with an array of products, tools and gadgets. No prizes for guessing what your next nickname may be! Quality Inspector roles are some of the most popular engineering positions across Norfolk. Be sure to check our latest vacancies and get your foot in the door.

5. Mechanical Design Engineer

From Inspector Gadget to Inspector Clouseau, a Mechanical Design Engineer role will have you problem solving and preparing concepts. Another where you may want to hold back on the technical talk, but at least you can boast being at the heart of your company’s operations. As far as Norfolk engineering jobs go, this is my favourite. Developing and designing prototypes, dealing with most other aspects of the business. What’s not to love? Let’s not forget the salary… You could make £25,000 a year as a junior and around double that as a senior. The beers are on you!

mechanical design engineer

The Norfolk engineering sector is absolutely booming and despite great advancements in the tech sector, it’s actually growing. There is plenty to choose from and the majority of companies here pay generously.  So make your parents proud, be part of something that makes a difference on a large scale.

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