10 Reasons to avoid recruitment consultants

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The dust has almost settled on the recruitment consultant witch hunt. The hate statuses have dropped from approximately 15,000 per 250 connections (LinkedIn) to just under one or two a day! Great news huh? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Recruiters are still at large. Consulting, getting people increases in pay and an array of other terrible things. We’ve compiled the biggest pet hates against recruitment consultants all over globe from a survey that may or may not have taken place.

1. Their job is quick and easy! Anybody can do it.

Let’s face it, we all have tonnes of spare time that can be spent finding one key member of staff out of a thousand candidates. And remember, every expert wants to work for your company so just take whoever!

2. Keep it in house!

An in house recruiter will only cost you a minimum of £25,000 per year. And look on the bright side, when you’re not hiring they can be perfecting cups of tea or shredding documents.

3. Socially awkward… Beware!

They’re not great with people. All of their spare time is spent in pubs, on holidays with friends and whilst at work they’re on the phone all day. Not a great environment for picking up essential people skills required in recruitment.

4. They’ve never worked a day in their lives

All of them are part timers and charge too much. Everybody knows all great candidates can be contacted during work hours. Calls that chip into their evenings and weekends are an urban myth.

5. Far from forgiving

Yes, recruitment consultants may have landed me my dream job with an extra £5k on the salary. But there was no need for the calls, texts, emails and sense of urgency when I’ve ghosted them twice before.

6. Only if you’re suitable? What is this?

They only ever put you in roles that match your experience and abilities. I saw a quote on Facebook once saying to accept opportunities even if you’re clueless! Employers love people learning on the job.

7. Recruitment Consultants? More like proofreaders!

Recruiters just read hundreds of CVs and profiles. Then compare words to job specs that are written up by yourself the employer. There’s nothing to it!

8. The fees! Oh the fees!

Did we mention the fees? Recruitment consultants only charge on performance so be weary of the ones that work really hard! They will cost you a fortune and you’ll be overrun with great employees.

9. Offshore banking, they’re all doing it.

They don’t actually find you jobs, they just sell your CV at £1,995 a pop and watch the interest grow in their Cayman Island’s bank account(s).

10. Did we say anybody can do it?!

If you can book a holiday online in ten minutes you can hire the best Senior Software Developer in five. There is nothing to it!

There we have it! A list of valid or not quite so valid reasons to avoid recruiters. Please remember that they’re not all like this. Occasionally one will smile or make eye contact whilst talking to you.

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