Petrol Stations

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, standing out and reaching potential candidates requires innovative approaches, and petrol stations offer an excellent platform for achieving this.

Serve Talent’s Petrol Station Advertising Campaign offers you a direct route to reach a captive and diverse audience. By leveraging the high visibility and frequent visits to petrol stations, you can elevate your recruitment efforts and attract top talent.

Make a significant impact with your job vacancies. Partner with Serve Talent and let your recruitment message shine at petrol stations across strategic locations.

Optimised Advertising at Fuel Stops

In the quest to locate the ideal candidate, visibility is everything. And while there are a plethora of platforms available, not all guarantee an attentive audience. Enter the world of petrol station advertising. At Serve Talent, we recognise the sheer potential of this overlooked medium. Unmissable and highly impactful, ad nozzles offer a prime opportunity to reach a wide variety of demographics. Imagine your job advert being seen by professionals during their work commute, families on road trips, and truckers making their long hauls.

Notably, most major fuel forecourts, spanning from Total, Esso, and BP to supermarket giants like Tesco and Morrison’s, pump a staggering 72% of all fuel volume. This translates to countless eyes on your advert, each time a motorist refuels. In a landscape where digital distractions are abundant, the physicality and placement of ad nozzles capture attention like no other medium.

Why Choose Petrol Station Advertising?

Serve Talent emphasises the value of context in advertising. At petrol stations, you’re reaching an audience that is stationary, often waiting, and has a moment to absorb the message in front of them. Whether they are on a business trip or a leisurely drive, their attention is undivided. Plus, with the constant rise in fuel prices, your advert might just be the nudge a professional needs to consider a job that offers a shorter commute or better perks.

The reach of petrol station advertising isn’t just limited to motorists. Consider the foot traffic heading into attached convenience stores or service areas. Your advert gets a diverse exposure: from the local resident making a quick milk run to the family stopping for snacks on a long drive.

Fuel Your Hiring Process

The right candidate could be anywhere – including at the next petrol station. Let Serve Talent propel your job adverts into the limelight where they can’t be missed. Reach out to us and drive your recruitment process into the fast lane.

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