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Modern recruitment doesn’t just rely on job portals. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have emerged as powerful platforms to gain exposure for job opportunities. Through our holistic social media campaign management, we amplify your job listings, reaching out to the ideal candidates, both in terms of skillset and culture fit.

Let’s elevate your recruitment strategy. Leverage the power of social media and ensure that you’re not just finding candidates, but the right candidates.

Why Choose Social Media Campaigning for Recruitment?

  1. Broadened Reach: With billions of active users, platforms like Facebook and Instagram make Social Media Campaigning a powerful tool. They ensure that your job listings are seen by a vastly expanded audience.
  2. Targeted Outreach: Social Media Campaigning uses advanced targeting options on platforms like these. You can ensure your job advertisements reach the exact demographic that matches your requirement.

Where Your Job Ads Will Feature with Social Media Campaigning:

  1. Facebook Newsfeed: Appear directly in the prospective candidate’s news feed, ensuring high visibility.
  2. Third Party Apps: Through Facebook’s partner network, your ads will be featured in various third-party apps, further expanding reach.
  3. Instagram: Leverage the visually driven platform to showcase your company culture and job offerings.
  4. LinkedIn: Position your job ads on the world’s leading professional network. With LinkedIn, you can target specific industries, job functions, and levels of seniority, ensuring that your vacancies are seen by the most relevant professionals in your sector.

Geographic Targeting:

Choose exactly where your ads will be seen. Whether you want to hire locally or spread the net wider, select cities and their radii to focus your recruitment efforts. The multi-location feature ensures that everyone in the selected regions and its surroundings is targeted.

Detailed Targeting:

While role-specific targeting is a given (like reaching out to registered nurses), we also add another layer by focusing on hobbies and interests. Want to target nurses who love the show EastEnders? Done! This not only ensures role compatibility but also aligns with culture fit and personal interests, leading to better job satisfaction.

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Discover the future of recruitment with Serve Talent. In an age where the right fit can make all the difference, we’re here to streamline your hiring process.

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In today’s digitally driven world, social media has evolved beyond personal connections, proving instrumental in professional arenas like recruitment. Instagram, with its vast user base and engaging visual content, offers a unique avenue to attract talent.

At Serve Talent, we recognise the untapped potential of Instagram in connecting employers with the next generation of talent. By strategically leveraging Instagram’s features, we bring your company’s ethos and opportunities to the forefront, ensuring you attract candidates who resonate with your brand.



Step into the professional realm of Serve Talent on LinkedIn Jobs, the nexus where opportunity meets ambition. As the hub of business networking, our LinkedIn presence is primed to connect top-tier talent with industry-leading employers.

Each job listing we post is more than just a vacancy; it’s a chance to embark on a career path that aligns with individual aspirations and organisational goals. From detailed job descriptions to insights about company culture, our listings provide a comprehensive view, ensuring that candidates have a clear picture before taking the next step.