Pay on Performance

In an era where businesses are striving for efficiency and value, “Pay on Performance” stands out as a game-changer in the recruitment landscape. By aligning your expenditure with tangible results, our innovative solution transforms traditional hiring processes, offering a genuine risk-free approach.

When you opt for our Pay on Performance model, you’re essentially entrusting us with the belief that we’ll deliver. And, we’re confident in taking up that challenge. From broadcasting your vacancy on prestigious job boards to curating a talent pool tailored for you, our commitment remains unwavering.

Pay on Performance

Redefining the recruitment paradigm, Pay on Performance ensures that you only invest when you witness results. With a transparent, performance-driven approach, we revolutionise how businesses connect with potential candidates. Partner with us and experience the next-generation recruitment model.

Why go through the uncertainty of traditional job advertising when you can employ a results-driven approach? Through Pay on Performance, we ensure your vacancies are visible on prominent job boards without any upfront costs. Our commitment? Delivering the right candidates, or you don’t pay a dime.

The Power of Performance

Trust is at the heart of our offering. When you opt for Pay on Performance, it reflects your belief in our capability to deliver. We reciprocate this trust by ensuring your vacancy gets maximum visibility across platforms like Indeed, CV-Library,, Total Jobs, and i4 Jobs. And the best part? You only pay when we meet or exceed our set targets.

Customised Solutions, Maximum Returns

  • No Risk, All Reward: You only pay when we hit our targets. Anything below, and the applications still remain yours.
  • Dedicated Support: Our account managers are here to assist, whether it’s one job posting or a hundred.
  • Unlimited Potential: No limits on the number of hires per advertisement. Every application is yours to utilise as you see fit.
  • Building Your Talent Repository: With every vacancy, accumulate a growing pool of active candidates, accessible for a whole year.
How It All Comes Together

We base our targets on an in-depth understanding of roles across sectors and locations. Over a span of 4-6 weeks, we monitor the response to your vacancy. If our predetermined targets aren’t met, you owe us nothing. If we meet or surpass the set targets, we invoice for the campaign’s cost.

Still Skeptical?

It’s natural to be cautious. But numbers don’t lie. Our performance metrics and case studies stand testament to our efficacy. Dive deep into our sectoral case studies and discover our track record for yourself.


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