CAD The positives And Negatives.

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Software technologies are evolving quickly and are constantly improving, one of these is CAD ( Computer Aided Design). This software is becoming essential in various sectors of work. This article tells you some of the positive and negatives of using Computer Aided Design.

Artificial intelligence:

AI design software allows the automation of design tasks and enhances quality control by anticipating design errors. Artificial intelligence creates a solution that can accelerate CAD learning. By combining artificial intelligence technology, enhanced by Computer Aided Design system, we can get more accuracy and efficiency. Meaning huge amounts of data can be analysed automatically.

Cloud collaboration:

Cloud collaboration helps you to improve the efficiency of your CAD application, as all those involved in the design process are able to work on one platform, using multiple devices at once no matter the location. Because of this more companies are integrating these services into their daily running as it improves the efficiency of your CAD application.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality and Computer Aided Design enhance the way designers and engineers are able to create, see, think and envision their projects. VR helmets and VR glasses can be used to take advantage of the life like visualisation offered by sophisticated CAD software. An architect can now offer a “walkthrough” of a building that exists only as a digital model. This lowers the chance of design failures or issues during future development.

Virtual reality is a major improvement in the Computer Aided Design world. The use of these technologies have increased productivity for enterprise companies that specialise in creating architectural projects.

Customized CAD:

Customised CAD is another type of Computer Aided Design software. It provides the user with the ability to access and manipulate any data stored in a database. You can enter data, modify or delete existing data, search for information, update data manually or using an automated process (such as batch export). The databases can be created on top of an existing database, or simultaneously using a fully ported version of the new structure.

AI In Engineering:

AI is being integrated into many different things. Including military strategies, mobile platforms and social media. The engineering industry is no stranger to this trend. Machines can learn by taking in data, analysing it, taking action, and then learning from the results of that action. Computer Aided Design is multi-purpose and is used for things such as design, visualization and simulation. 

Engineering has been leading the area of information technology since it started. And the recent significant evolutions in computer aided design is mainly due to artificial intelligence. 

the benefits of computer aided design

With every positive there comes negatives, some of these can include: 

Time and cost of training the staff which will work on it.

The training time becomes a vital concern for the organization when considering Computer Aided Design. This is because not only will the company invest in software but also need to spend time and money on manpower required for training. Knowing the amount of time and money that is required to train new software on new CAD tools is very important for those who want to bring in such systems.

High production or purchasing cost for new systems.

It is quite a challenge for the growth and development of any company to decide whether to buy new or existing Computer Aided Design systems. Deciding whether to buy new or existing CAD systems can present challenges for the growth and development of a company.

Normally spending money on high quality computer aided design systems implies that there may be high production cost or high purchasing cost involved. Typically spending money on quality CAD systems implies there may be high production or purchasing costs involved.

Work could be easily hacked.

The threat of work being hacked and information finding its way out of the organization is very real. There are a lot of possible ways for this to happen ( write down some of the ways) . Everything is going online these days. There are a lot of design artists work on the internet, and people have the freedom to write anything they want about them. This also applies to architecture and CAD designers. It can happen that your work could be hacked meaning that work is leaked, and you even don’t know how it happened.

computer aided design cad

Work is prone to viruses. 

Companies can invest in anti-virus software to protect their data from online dangers. Spending a lot of money and time on antivirus software which is fine as long as they stay protected but there is always a risk of this happening. You need to download the latest CAD software that is able to protect your computer from those viruses. By using this tool, you will be able to increase the security of your computer. When installing or updating the software.

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