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In response to booming construction projects and evolving building practices, the Builders Merchants sector is actively scouting for new talent.

Explore our Builders Merchants case studies to witness how Serve Talent has been instrumental in connecting businesses with the right talent. Discover the success stories that exemplify our commitment to excellence in the Builders Merchants sector.


Builders Merchants: Success Stories with Serve Talent

Explore our collection of compelling case studies in the builders’ merchant industry, showcasing Serve Talent’s impactful collaborations with companies and professionals in this sector. These real-world examples highlight our dedication to excellence in the builders’ merchant field.

Our case studies reveal how Serve Talent has helped builders’ merchant companies identify top talent, streamline operations, and adapt to changing market dynamics. Discover how we’ve contributed to improving customer service, optimising inventory management, and enhancing overall business performance.


Sales Assistant JUL 2023 Full Job Board Network + Application Filtering 79 2
Sales Executive JUL 2023 Full Job Board Network 27 1
Trade Counter Assistant JUL 2023 Full Job Board Network 72 1
Production Manufacturing Operative JUN 2023 Full Job Board Network + Application Filtering 142 3
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer APR 2023 Full Job Board Network 33 1
Evening Loader Supervisor MAR 2023 Full Job Board Network 80 2
Purchasing Assistant MAR 2023 Full Job Board Network 176 2
Class 2 Delivery Driver FEB 2023 Full Job Board Network 69 2
Sales Assistant (Trade Counter) JAN 2023 Full Job Board Network 68 1

How our team have delivered results

We have found that due to the diversity and restrictions of many charities we have had be more involved with the direction and budget needs for the hiring process. Many positions require application forms completed, so we are very pro-active with managing the initial application processes, saving our clients HR Teams valuable resources, and potentially losing candidates. With personnel being in high demand, application reaction times are crucial, so our vacancy team are focused on delivering the right response solutions.

To find out more about how we can potentially help you with any current or future job vacancies, please contact us for free advice with a no obligation campaign proposal.

What our clients are saying

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I have been using Serve Talent since 2017, after placing dozens of adverts with them I can recommend their services to anyone looking for a new recruitment company. Aside from the service, the adverts also provide me with results. They post positions across multiple job boards at a fraction of the cost that I could buy them for, due to their buying power. They can also provide a more tailored service for those difficult to find applicants. This combination allows for a one stop shop for recruitment, which I find very useful.


We have had the privilege of partnering with Serve Talent for our staffing needs, and I must say that their commitment to excellence and unwavering support have significantly contributed to our success.

Serve Talent has proven to be an invaluable resource in our quest for exceptional talent. As a publishing company, finding individuals with the right skills and mindset to thrive in our creative and dynamic environment is of paramount importance.


What sets Serve Talent apart is their personalised and client-centric approach to recruitment. They have shown a deep commitment to understanding our company culture and the specific attributes we seek in potential hires. This thorough understanding has translated into a consistently high-quality pool of candidates, saving us valuable time and resources.

The team at Serve Talent is a pleasure to work with, particularly Luanne & Alex. Their communication is clear, prompt, and transparent. They kept us informed with valuable insights and guidance that helped us make informed decisions. This level of professionalism and attention to detail sets them apart in the industry.

In conclusion, I endorse Serve Talent as a premier recruitment partner. Their dedication to understanding our unique needs, their impeccable professionalism, and their ability to consistently deliver outstanding candidates have been invaluable to our growth and success. I have no doubt that any organisation seeking top-tier recruitment services would greatly benefit from partnering with Serve Talent.


Serve Talent has been a game-changer for our organisation. Their job advertisement solutions are not only cost-effective but also incredibly effective in reaching the right candidates. Thanks to their services, we’ve found top talent at an amazing price. Serve Talent is our go-to partner for all our recruitment needs!

Their dedicated team understands the unique challenges that businesses face right now when it comes to hiring. They’ve tailored their approach to perfectly align with us and have not only helped us save valuable resources but has also improved the quality of candidates we attract.