Does your company offer remote working?

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The workplace is changing, businesses are swapping out their rigid 9-5 and traditional office environments for remote working. In return saving the business money, improving productivity, and creating a healthy work-life balance.

Vodafone completed a study involving 8,000 global employees. They discovered that worldwide three-quarters of companies have already switched to flexible working options. Over half of the companies had increases in company profits and an 83% boost in productivity.

With Coronavirus remote working was the only option of work for many companies and has now become the norm. In fact data from Statista shows before Covid-19 just 17% of staff worked remote, whereas now as of April 2021 44% work remote.

This transition was made easier with the use of cloud systems and team collaboration tools. With these and new software available the office can be anywhere. From your home office to a rooftop balcony in Italy! Work processes have become more streamlined. Now your team can be more productive, professional, and efficient.

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The same as recruiting for office-based work, getting the right remote working candidates could be a struggle. Not everyone is effective with remote work. So finding the right person that can work efficiently and deliver results while working remotely is crucial. That’s why Serve Talent’s dedicated team of consultants are here to help you find the right candidate.

Not every company can offer remote working, for some sectors of work it’s just not possible. However, these are the top 10 fields for remote working

Top 10 fields for remote working:

  • Information Technology – 29.2%
  • Marketing – 24.5%
  • Business Administration and Management – 4.7%
  • Mobile App Development – 4.5%
  • Shopping – 3.9%
  • Other – 3.5%
  • Education and Training – 3.3%
  • Arts – 3.3%
  • Human Services – 3.2%
  • Correction and Security – 2.9%
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Remote working is here to stay. Companies used to offer work from home as a perk, now it’s the norm. You no longer have to live within a commutable distance to apply for a job.

Even senior jobs that you wouldn’t have expected to see out of the office can now work from home, one of them is a Senior Software Project Manager. If this type of role interests you get in touch with Daniel Taylor today on tel:01603415100

Working from home isn’t for everyone, as the office can be a getaway from busy family lives and could create an unhealthy work-life balance if boundaries aren’t set.

Some employers aren’t fully confident with their employees, increasing the use of monitoring tools to view and track the work employees are doing. It’s not only employees that have had to adopt and adapt to remote working, managers too. Many managers haven’t received the necessary training to support their staff when not working in a traditional office.

Serve Talent regularly have remote working/flex work Jobs, such as C# / .Net Developers and Project managers

If you think your skills allow you to thrive within a remote working environment get in contact today 01603 415100

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