Indeed Free Job Postings – The Hidden Costs

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Unveiling the unforeseen challenges and expenses of utilising the free job posting services on Indeed.

Indeed Free Job Postings

Indeed serves as a powerful job posting platform, widely recognised for its extensive database and accessible interface. Among its offerings, the free job posting option appears as an alluring choice for employers aiming to minimise hiring expenses. However, the aim of this blog is to examine the hidden drawbacks of using Indeed’s free services and provide an understanding of how these negative aspects could damage an otherwise effective recruitment strategy.

The Allure of Free Indeed Job Postings

The initial attraction of posting jobs without a fiscal commitment is palpable. Employers may believe that free services, coupled with a high traffic website like Indeed, will provide ample exposure with minimal effort. However, this understanding can often overlook what “free” truly entails in the competitive job market.

Limited Indeed Visibility and Reach

On Indeed, job post visibility is paramount; it dictates how quickly a position may be filled. Free postings often fall below sponsored listings in rankings, leading to diminished exposure. This can necessitate paid promotions, subsequently undermining the intention to use a free service. Indeed’s own data has illustrated that roles advertised via free listings receive around 60% less attention than their sponsored counterparts.

Increased Volume of Unqualified Applicants

A direct consequence of free job postings is a high influx of applicants, including many unqualified candidates. This volume often contributes to the time intensive task of sifting through numerous applications, draining resources and extending the recruitment timeline. Although strategies exist to streamline applicant management, none offer a perfect solution, and the ‘hidden’ cost of time investment becomes increasingly clear.

Difficulties of Posting Some Roles

While Indeed will let you post the majority of roles on their website for free, there are some adverts you may be required to sponsor for various reasons. These types of roles include identical jobs posted in multiple locations, jobs posted with a confidential or generic company name, jobs that are commission-only and hard-to-fill jobs.

The Risk of Being Overlooked by Top Talent

Evidence suggests that top-tier talent tends to gravitate more towards branded job listings due to them believing it shows more commitment to finding top individuals as well as their willingness to pay for that talent.

The Time Factor: Slower Time-to-Hire

There exists a strong correlation between job visibility and the time-to-hire metric. With reduced visibility comes a protracted hiring process, adversely impacting business activities that rely on timely talent acquisition. Real-world cases show a noticeable discrepancy in hiring timeframes when contrasting the effectiveness of free versus paid job postings.

The Impact on the Company’s Recruitment Strategy

Relying on free job postings can shape a company’s recruitment approach, but not always for the better. Persisting with this tactic might cause you to have to settle for second rate talent leading to you having to spend both time and money on training up those new hires and spending that money you saved from posting for free.

Alternatives to Free Job Postings on Indeed

A plethora of paid job posting platforms exist, offering diverse benefits and targeting capabilities. The most well known of these are Totaljobs, Reed & CV Library, all of which compile over 30 million visits and 11 million applications every month. Going directly to these boards can highly costly meaning going for job advertisers such as Serve Talent are your best option for attracting the best applicants from a wide range of locations.


In summary, while the prospect of posting jobs for free on Indeed is attractive, it comes with notable drawbacks. These hidden costs can undermine the effectiveness of the recruitment process and compel employers to re-evaluate their strategies. Employers are encouraged to consider a strategic, multi-faceted approach to job postings, ensuring an optimal blend of reach, cost, and applicant quality.

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