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Working a number of creative and digital marketing roles has allowed our very own Lizzie Bishop to explore and enhance her understanding of the industry. Lizzie’s enthusiasm for the roles, clients and candidates has encouraged her to pursue the marketing recruitment sector even further.

The aim is to make a lasting impact on the market throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and other areas of East Anglia. This being said there are no restrictions on location as Lizzie has worked roles in London and further afield.

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Digital & Creative Marketing Recruitment: The Aim

Our mix of modern and traditional recruitment methods enable us to explore avenues that work best for each business and their roles. And with over 20 years combined recruitment experience in the Digital Sector, Lizzie and her team plan to make Serve Talent the go to place for executive searches across East Anglia.

How will we do it? It’s simple and means stripping our work back to the basics, taking our knowledge of experienced recruitment consultants and the will to achieve resembling that of a new agency. Our focus will be suitability for your role(s) and longevity of the placements.

In short, we ensure all candidates put forward are a perfect fit from an experience and company’s culture perspective. Knowledge and experience in digital marketing is of course key, but without a strong why from all parties involved a placement will not work.

Why do you need this candidate? Why does the candidate want to work with you and why do we see the candidate as a valuable asset for your company? All questions that are covered in depth during our marketing recruitment process.

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The roles we work

Our methods and experience means we can take on any role. Our focus however includes:

  • Digital Marketing Executives & Managers
  • Creative Executives & Managers
  • Creative & Digital Designers
  • PPC Specialists
  • SEO Specialists
  • Sales & Marketing Managers
  • Media Sales Executives

If you are currently searching for any of the above or will be in the near future don’t hesitate to contact us. Lizzie will take a brief of your requirements, analyse the job spec and provide a solution for moving forward with an executive search.

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