10 reasons why you shouldn’t relocate to work in Norwich

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Norwich, a small city situated in the flat county of Norfolk. Known only for Alan Partridge, something about mustard and birds that aren’t found in the wild within a 2000 mile radius. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t relocate to work in Norwich.

1. Pubs in Norwich are in short supply

Unfortunately Norwich is only third place when it comes to most pubs per square mile in the UK. Meaning if you’re after a quick pint after work you’re going to have to pack your hiking boots and prepare for a 60 second trip to your nearest watering hole.

2. The city has no history

You heard it here first. This run down city has nothing to show for itself apart from a castle founded in the year 1066, two cathedrals (one of which is over 870 years old), one of Britain’s oldest pubs and a network of tunnels to connect the dots.

3. Surely there’s only farming work in Norwich?

You’re completely right! Buried somewhere within the vast farmland of Norfolk you’ll be lucky to find any other career opportunities. According to legend and hearsay, somewhere deep within the land of the ‘Folk there’s an unknown car factory, a small insurance company and a pinch of engineering going on.


Aviva Work in Norwich

4. Nobody has heard of Norwich

It’s a small city in the middle of nowhere. Don’t let the international football supporter groups let you think otherwise. Besides, they’re only in Spain, France, Italy, Finland, China and some more unknown countries.

5. Don’t people go there to retire?

Let’s ignore the 30,000 students who attend the University of East Anglia and the majority of residents being below the age of 40. Norwich is (or isn’t) the retirement capital of the UK where people flock to live out the rest of their lives.

6. There’s nothing to do & nothing exciting ever happens

There’s no carnivals, no Radio 1’s Big Weekend, no Lord Mayor’s Procession, no fireworks displays, no music events, no Sundown Festival, no Norwich Half Marathon and no Royal Norfolk Show. Welcome to the Fine City of “not a lot going on today boy!” The city also lacks anywhere to take part in sports, outdoor and indoor activities. Ignore anybody who tells you the Norfolk Broads are a great day out and don’t believe Google maps who shows Norwich as a stone throw away from miles and miles of gorgeous coastline.

Sundown Festival Norwich

7. There isn’t any modern work in Norwich

If you look past the digital startups, established tech businesses, networking groups and work in Norwich you’ll only find old fashion jobs. Things like manufacturing sports cars and parts for aircraft and military use. No modern work in Norwich whatsoever…

It work in Norwich

8. The city has no character

The city itself completely lacks anything that catches the eye. There’s nothing creative to see here. Just a load of big murals, old streets and a boring un-noteworthy marketplace.

9. Isn’t mustard their biggest export?

Put aside the city’s huge financial sector, health & life sciences and energy industry for a minute. Mustard may or may not be the driving force behind the city’s economy. We all love a bit of the yellow stuff but is that a reason to relocate to Norwich?

Moving to Norwich

10. There’s nothing desirable about Norwich

I finish this list with a bang and a bit of a reality check for residents of the Fine City with their head held high. You came second in the list of most desirable places to live in the UK in 2017 according to The Telegraph. Better luck next time!

After reading the above we advise you to proceed with caution. If you do decide to relocate and work in Norwich you do so at your own risk. On a more serious and less satirical note we have plenty of live vacancies that may tempt you to brave all of the above. Click here to see our live jobs and feel free to call our team on 01603 415100 to discuss any opportunities within the city and surrounding areas.

One final note…

For those who hadn’t realised I’m a huge fan of the city, I moved here in 2013 on a temporary basis and have decided to stay put for the foreseeable future.

All of the points above highlight reasons why Norwich is a brilliant and booming city to live and work in. But there’s one thing that really stands out above everything else… Norwich is the home of the new Avengers’ Headquarters! AKA the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on the University of East Anglia Campus.

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