The Best Recruitment Jokes and Memes Part 2

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Join us as we revisit one of our all-time favorite blogs, featuring a fresh collection of our best recruitment jokes and memes! Whether you’re job hunting or engaging in recruitment pursuits, we’ve got the perfect dose of laughter for you. Embrace the power of humor to make your journey more enjoyable. Sit back, relax, and indulge in some well-deserved chuckles!

1. Classic

Why did the recruiter cross the road?

To source the other side.

2. Why both?

A business man has his hand up in a stopping motion with a joke caption "Upload your resume, now painstakingly fill out this form containing all the exact same info"


3. How we stay busy

What is it like being a recruiter?

Imagine a browser with 3000 tabs open, ALL THE TIME!

4. Added on Linkedin

A man is stiring his drink with a joke caption "A recruiter added me on Linkedin, so I guess things are getting pretty serious."


5. Great Taste

What’s a recruiter’s favourite type of music?

R’N’B – Recruitment and Business!

6. Reincarnated

A woman singing with a joke caption "Was Adele a recruiter in a former life? Hello from the other side, I must of called a thousand times."


7. Well this confirms it

A woman singing with a joke caption "nevermind I'll find, someone like you. I wish nothing but the best, for you too."


8. Another classic

How many recruiters does it take to change a light bulb?

None, they’ll just find someone else to do it!

9. I will find you

A man on the phone with a shocked face with a joke caption "I don't know who you are, but I will look you up on Linkedin and I will find you."


10. A wide skillset

A recruiter asks a job candidate, “Can you can handle a variety of work?”

The job applicant replies, “I should be able to. I’ve had ten different jobs in four months.”

11. Last Minute

A women looking down in shock with a joke caption "the look on a recruiter's face when a candidate cancels their interview for later that day"


12. Time to celebrate

Why do recruiters make great party planners?

They know how to “invite” the right people to the celebration!

13. Really?

An annoyed business man with a joke caption "when your client wants to see more CVs"


14. Deep dark

We’re looking to specialise in the underground mining industry.

We’ll be called, Staff It Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

15. Positive vibes only

6 potatoe faces being fried in oil with a joke caption "when a candidate is literally burning up all your energy, but you have to stay positive"


16. Spooky recruitment

How do recruiters communicate with ghosts?

They use a “boo-lean” approach in their searches!

17. Ready & willing

A man titled Recruiter with a look of wanting, rubbing his hands with a joke caption below saying "Candidate: *Open to new opportunities*"


18. Dress sense

How do recruiters always look so sharp?

They have “hire” fashion sense!

19. Finding the unicorn

Mr Bean smiling with a joke caption "The face a recruiter makes when a candidate meets all the requirements and is interested"


20. Forbidden Fruit

A man labelled "Recruiter" starring at a women labelled "Happily employed engineers that will never respond to your emails" instead of his girlfriend who is labelled "Unemployed engineers with all the time in the world for code challenges"


21. I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you

A man carrying another man on his shoulders with a joke caption "I will get my candidates to the 6th and final interview"

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