What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

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Long gone are the days of putting up a little note on your local Asda notice board. So are the days paying for newspaper space that is more likely to line a litter tray that deliver applications. The world of job advertising has gone www. and it has never been bigger! Advertising giants are taking advantage of the online market. Typically charging upwards of £100 for a small patch of digital space. Fear not however! Flat fee recruitment companies are here to save the day and money!

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Saving money with flat fee recruitment

As with most products and services, the more you buy the more you save. This applies to organic apples, socks, paving slabs, and even job adverts. Flat fee recruiters simply pre purchase credits for the websites we mention above in large quantities with huge savings. What do we do with these savings? Do we sit around a campfire, swapping ghost stories with them? Don’t be silly, of course we don’t! We pass them onto you!

What does this mean for your business? It means that you can spend the savings made elsewhere. You can buy more Kendal Mint Cake for your employees to keep them motivated or just advertise another role. Where you would normally spend quite a bit on a single ad for a single website, flat fee recruitment services allow your to post across multiple websites often saving up to 75% vs going direct.

Modern ATS technology to save you time

Sifting through applications to find the ideal candidate (or two) can be time consuming. Now throw in a handful of other sources that deliver even more applications and you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. Any reputable job advertising service will be accompanied by a handy bit of software to help with this. The technology is known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and funnels candidate applications and their CVs into a single, manageable place.

We live in a click happy time where applying for jobs is done at the click of a mouse or tap of the screen. Job boards allow users to upload all of their personal information to be sent across instantly with every application. With no more lengthy forms to fill in, jobseekers can get a little carried away when putting themselves forward for jobs advertised on the internet.

A sturdy ATS will enable you to scan through hundreds of applicants in no time and dwindle them down to the best bunch. Advanced ATS platforms can filter out applications beyond a set radius, CVs containing certain words and more.

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Expert knowledge and professional service

Flat fee recruitment companies will have a thorough understanding of the online job advertising market. This includes trends, what websites work for which jobs and even taking location of your vacancy into consideration. We spend years honing the ability to get the best out of your adverts. It isn’t always about numbers. A reputable flat fee recruiter balances quality over quantity and achieves this through a series of advertising techniques.

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One of these techniques is advert optimisation. This consists of making adjustments to a job specification and title to include important keywords, phrases and terminology that will improve search rankings. Advert optimisation can also include adjusting the salary range to appeal to a wider audience of jobseekers. A seasoned flat fee pro will always advise of desired alterations to a job description to increase its performance.

Flat fee recruitment: The results

At the end of the day, most of us care more about the results than the process. This method of recruitment has in incredibly high success rate for applications levels and placements. When posting to a single website you risk not finding the right candidate. By posting to a full network of job boards you are casting a much wider net to catch the right people.

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The applicant tracking system is used to generate your own talent pool of potential hires. Whether you are looking for a single member of staff or multiple, flat fee recruitment provides just that. There are no restrictions to the number of hires that can be made using this kind of service.

At Serve Talent we have a dedicated team of Flat Fee Recruitment experts who would be happy to discuss your job advertising requirements. You can email them by clicking here or call on 01603 415100

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