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Managing Director


01603 415 100


Information Technology, Manufacturing & Engineering


First Computers: Commodore 64 followed by ZX Spectrum

First console: ATARI 2600

Games: Space Invaders / Asteroids / Pacman / Zelda / Battleships / Dungeons and Dragons / Tank Command (and many more!)

TV & Films: Jaws / Star Wars / Dirty Harry / Grange Hill / The Young Ones / Minder / Only Fools & Horses / Fraggle Rock / Take Hart – Morph (To name a few!)

Going from School at 16to the big wide world in the late 80’s on a YTS scheme, I tried out a few trades. I became an apprentice Electrician and I remember my boss coming to the site looking pretty flash – all suited and booted in his BMW. This made me think, I need to get an office job. So, I temped for Norwich Union for a few months.

My real break came when a heating business took me on as a service co-ordinator. A proper old-school RAF storeman called George took me under his wing and I never looked back. I soon progressed to Service Manager and eventually Director of the Maintenance Department of another Heating Company by the age of 22. This instilled in me a good business grounding.

Following the business closure, at 27 I walked into Reed recruitment agency, and they introduced me Positive Selection. Recruitment became my working passion which I’ve continued to enjoy 25 years down the Road.

I like to think that I have learnt a lot over the years and here at Serve Talent, we believe that my and my colleagues’ life experiences are the foundation to the success of our business.

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