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For employers in the UK, using a paid job board is an indispensable tool for attracting suitable candidates to fill vacancies. Total Jobs, Reed, CV Library and Indeed stand out as some of the most popular platforms for job listings, each with their distinct audience and benefits.

This blog aims to dissect and compare the costs associated with these formidable job posting services, providing employers with comprehensive insights to inform their recruitment strategies.

Understanding Job Board Pricing

Job boards typically adopt various pricing structures that cater to a range of employer needs. Generally, a single job posting incurs a set fee, while bulk job postings may attract discounts. In addition to basic listings, job boards offer premium services such as featured listings that promise higher visibility and potentially greater response rates.

Employers must also consider factors such as the job board’s industry specialisation, its reach and traffic, as well as any extra features that facilitate the hiring process.

Indeed Pricing Breakdown

Indeed differs from other job boards with its pricing structure, unlike its competitors Indeed does not have one set price for its roles, letting employers set their own advertising budgets of £5 per day or more.

Alternatively Indeed also lets you post a role for free, though these free adverts have many hidden costs as discussed in our blog post here. Because of this pricing strategy however, Indeed does not support a bulk buying discount and resets your spent budget at the beginning of each new month, leading you to potentially spend far more than you originally planned if you don’t keep and eye on your account.

Serve Talent’s Aggregated Service

Serve Talent introduces a unique solution by combining postings from multiple job boards, providing employers with amplified reach at a reduced cost. Understanding Serve Talent’s pricing model becomes paramount for employers evaluating their effectiveness against direct job board postings.

When comparing Serve Talent’s aggregated service to working with the job boards directly, Serve Talent comes out as a more cost-effective option with hundreds of pounds saved in comparison.

Serve Talent also has additional services that allow employers the chance to look through the job board’s CV databases themselves, so they can find the best talent on the market without having to post a job advert or deal with unsuitable candidates.

Additional Considerations Beyond Job Board Costs

While cost is a pivotal aspect, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant in selecting an aggregate job board service like Serve Talent. Along with the combined lower price, Serve Talent provides an advert optimisation service where our account managers will look over your vacancy and create the best advert possible for both SEO and readability purposes.

After the advert is live, users are also given access to a platform for employers to view their role and all of their applications in the form of a custom ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Along with viewing all candidates, Serve Talent’s software allows you to rank, message and even setup interviews with candidates, becoming your one-stop-shop for all things recruitment.

Carry On The Conversation

As the recruitment landscape evolves, it is essential for employers to assess the overall value job boards and aggregated services like Serve Talent can provide. For a more indepth look analysis of your recruitment stratergies and where possible improvments could be made, check out Serve Talent’s Recruitment Healthcheck here or get in contact with us either on 01603 415100 or on

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